Thursday, January 14, 2010


¡Hola a todos! (Hello, everyone!)

Yesterday was another rainy day in Sevilla. Thankfully, I think it was supposed to be the last one for a while; already the sun is shining here, making it around 60 degrees. I'm excited to experience 'el tiempo excelente' (the excellent weather) that the Sevillanos keep raving about.

Yesterday was kind of a ho-hum day. Besides lunch, that is. Four other girls from Michigan and I went to a tapas bar, and decided to be adventurous with our lunch choices. Among other things, we ended up ordering two plates that contained 'huevas'. Now, we knew that 'huevos' meant eggs, and we thought that 'hueva' meant a certain type of fish. Basically, we guessed that we would have one plate of eggs and one plate of a fish.

We were wrong.

The food arrived and it was definitely NOT eggs. But upon tasting it, it wasn't like fish either. The texture was incredibly crumbly and dry, and broke into a lot of tiny pieces my your mouth. Even after pulling out Rafi (the name Channy and I have given to her dictionary), we didn't have a clue what this food was. So, we consulted our waiter.

(In spanish) "They're fish ovaries."

Oh dear God.

Ergo, yesterday I ate a million little fish eggs and now they're all swimming around in my stomach and about to grow into giant fish and kill me. Actually, I'm proud of myself, because even after I figured out what 'huevas' was, I ate one more bite. I guess I just don't want to miss out on any experiences, even if they're very strange and maybe gross. Ah, la vida sevillana. (The picture I uploaded is one of me eating a really churro, at breakfast!)

In other news, Channy and I have discovered our housing arrangement! We will be living with Chencha Herrador. She doesn't smoke, doesn't have animals, and has internet! Nate, the only boy from Michigan on this program, has a sister who stayed with Chencha two years ago, and he said she was the greatest. I'm incredibly excited to meet her, in 15 minutes!

Watch out Checha, here comes Channy and Lyndsay!

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